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Weekend @ Dosa Fest


Last weekend we lazed at home. Didn’t get tickets for the ET Wow but that didn’t dampen our spirits. We packed the family and went to the beach. Pattu has become quite friendly with the waves these days, she spent quite a while there. While Sk and MIL were giving Pattu company, I sneaked away to have raw mango. FIL joined and we shared the steal. Then we attacked the son papdi vendor and a few others. Pattu wasn’t interested in the eats, she went for the rides and picked up a cheap looking plastic mobile phone among other things. And off we went to the dosa fest at Sanjeevanam.

I am a big fan of Kadalivanam (the restaurant at Sanjeevanam) – especially their Raja Keeyam. It is one of the best things on offer for the veggie lover in Chennai. However, the dosa fest was a bit of a let down. The stuffed dosas – one had to look for the ‘stuff’ with magnifying glasses. Ootappams with topping – same story…take out the magnifying glasses to spot the veggies, small onions…. Hardly worth the Rs.70 per dosa!

My MIL had an idea which I thought was a good one – a platter of mini dosas with different stuffing and toppings so you get a good variety. They should consider it I think.


Ban the Paparazzi


What do you do when strangers click snaps of your kids in public places? I’ve faced this quite a few times at shopping malls, beach, temples etc. Luckily Pattu is shy and refuses to pose. The other day, some college guys at the beach were trying to get Pattu to pose and I had to politely tell them that she is shy and they should leave her alone. No matter how decent looking they are, I feel very uneasy about it. Similar incident at the shopping mall – this time I realised only after the picture was clicked. They were a sweet looking young couple and I felt very awkward to say anything so just smiled and moved away.
I am also quite uneasy with the too friendly Annas at the department stores … I’ve just started telling Pattu to be careful with strangers.

Btw, if you still haven’t made your weekend plans, check out Lets Do Something.

They have some workshops planned for the moms and the kids have some incentive to be there as well. They are having a digital photography workshop, embroidery sessions and robotics workshops for older children coming up soon. Salsa will also be added soon along with the western dance that they already have.
Forum Art Gallery also has workshops for kids. They also have some Christmas fun coming up.

What’s for Dinner?


Last weekend plans (Nalandaway, Dakshinachitra, etc)got washed out in the rains! While I was disappointed, Pattu had her share of fun.
We went ahead with out Thumb Thumb project and I managed to save the rest of the house from the multi coloured Thumbs

Of late we’ve been playing Jungle and Farm animals. Pattu would come on all fours and say, ‘I’m a cub’ and I have to go on all fours and say, “I’m mama Tigress’ and we’ll go hunt or cuddle up.

Once she was the calf and me the cow and since the calf was hungry, we went grazing. Later at the dinner table:

Amma: Come have dinner Pattu

Pattu: No amma..don’t want

Amma: You’ll feel hungry if you don’t eat now

Pattu: But I am not hungry amma… I ate grass with you na amma, Hunger gone. *Wide smile*


Wondering if youtobe would have any of the nalandaway programs…

The Weekend that was


Tomorrow is Pattu’s ‘Happy Birthday’ – she turns 3, a big girl! She would jump up and touch a low hanging twig and say, ‘see amma, I’m a big girl!’. Yes indeed!

Planning the party this weekend. So, that was my reason to go on a shopping spree – went berserk and thoroughly enjoyed it. And then there’s this added joy in spreading out all the little knick knacks on the rug and sharing it with rest of the family – I haven’t quite figured out which part I enjoy more – the actual shopping or the sharing later with family.

Peeped into Toyzdayout (thanks to Art) and Peek-a-boo. My Reviews here.

Sunday started with wishing Ganesha a ‘Happy Birthday’. Pattu wore a new pavadai chattai for Ganesha’s b’day and happily went and sat on a low stool that was decorated with kolam and flowers, meant for keeping Ganesha’s prasadams -she just declared that it is her ‘special stool’ and that became her obsession for the day. She was almost about to inaugurate the prasadam but paati somehow managed to save it for neivedyam.

And when pattu was napping, I managed to rearrange her room to include the new ‘writing desk’ that had arrived just in time for the birthday. I like the look on her face when she walks in to a rearranged room 🙂 …she’s been happy so far with my experiments…

And then we went out – without an agenda. We first went to a terracotta place and didn’t pick up anything. Then we were wondering what to do when sk (hubby) suggested beach and so we headed to the sholinganallur beach on ECR. Pattu is scared of waves, she won’t even tread on wet sand and would hold me really tight when the waves come near. But yesterday she was quite adventurous and allowed the waves to just about kiss her toes. Well, we are trying to be friendly…just need some time. Since we were tired from running around, we were hungry and so we drove straight into Delhi Dhaba. Pattu slept on the way back – tired, but happy tired…only to wake up at 11 PM! Had to humour her till 1 PM and then we kept tossing in the bed to sleep only at 3 AM! And a Monday morning to look forward to!