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A quick vacation


We made a quick trip to Munnar and Aleppey, a much needed break for all of us. Pattu’s first:

– Ride on an Elephant – she was so excited and not at all scared. We fed the Elephants some pineapples and corn.

– live show of Thiruvadira Kali, Oottam thullal and Theeyattu – really up close. I was worried about Theeyattu, but she was as cool as a cucumber…not at all scared.

She is able to understand Malayalam and am so happy that she is making an attempt to talk as well.

Mum’s house in Kerala is getting ready in Jan – looking forward to the lovely vacations there. Feeling very nostalgic remembering all those carefree days we spent there as kids, climbing trees, splashing about in the pond…

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This Season…


Crossword, Alwarpet has Christmas craft and storytelling every Sunday this month between 5 to 6 PM

By Hand, From the Heart is having a sale on 9th and 10th Dec at Ambujam’s Lounge. All those pretty handmade stuff and I’m going to miss it!! :((

Dakshinachita is organising a Card Modeling workshop on 10th and 11th Dec

Nizhal has some interesting walks this month…call them for more details

…and Lets Do Something has a some interesting workshops coming up: Mocktails, Storytelling for Parents and Teachers (Rescheduled for 17th Dec), Baking….


Gravity is


…a little girl sitting at the center of the earth and pulling down everything that threatens to go up in the air. So, obviously, she has long hands.

This was Pattu a year back.

Now she is wondering how the airplanes and amma’s hair defy gravity.

What’s up ladies?


A Contest @ Womensweb and a really nice theme. Rush in your entries before the 23rd. This time around it is Westland books that is the sponsor. So, what were your mantras to a healthy pregnancy…have some interesting tips to share with the mothers-to-be? Any interesting anecdotes?

And the much awaited Crocus is also here from Saffrontree – this time around they focus on the 5 elements … what’s your favourite? I’m all for Air and Ether/ Space. Btw, isn’t this banner beautiful!

Whatever it means


Found this poster in one of the rest rooms in a mall.

Isn’t it supposed to bring out the worst in you? Or did I get it wrong?

And while on the topic, recently while out for shopping, Pattu wanted a bio break. So, I found the nearest staff and asked, “Where is the bathroom?”.

Pattu tugs at my T shirt and says in hushed tone, looking rather embarrassed, “Rest room amma…not bathroom!”

I went on a flash back trip 2 yrs back when Pattu would loudly announce, “Ammaaa Mooochaaa” much to my embarrassment.

We’ve grown up, haven’t we?

Annual Day


…was last weekend at Pattu’s school. Her second time on stage. The first time was a few seconds of, ‘why have you put me here’ followed by few more seconds of howling after all the decking up and waiting.

This time, luckily there was no major decking up (they made sure that the kids don’t wear anything remotely uncomfortable) and they didn’t make the KGs wait too long. The chief guests were sensible enough to make short speeches and the sound system for a change was well managed. Usually the sound managers make sure that it is loud enough for the Martians to hear. So Pattu was in a good mood and smiled through the song and even shook her arms and hips to the tune! Quite a leap from last time. She got a certificate, a trophy and some gifts and you can imagine the excitement…

We’ve got a whole new set of stories last week:

The Little Engine That Could – The Big Chase: Pattu Rating: 4 Stars
The blue engine that has a never say die attitude goes all out to rescue its best friend the toy clown who accidentally goes on the wrong train… a nice story of trust and friendship.

The Smartest Giant in Town – Pattu Rating: 4.7 Stars
George is a very cute and adorable giant. But he is scruffy. He decides to shake off this image and get smart only to donate all his smart outfits one by one to the animals that need help. There are some rhymes interspersed in the story and I made up a tune. Pattu has been humming that the last few days and I haven’t stopped grinning 😀

Angelina and the ButterflyPattu Rating: 4 Stars
Being trapped is an awful feeling – that’s what Angelina figures out when she falls into a pit. And that makes her set her favourite pet, Arthur the butterfly, free despite feeling miserable about not having him around…
Mrs Armitage: Queen of the Road Pattu Rating: 4.3 Stars
The madcap Mrs Armitage’s adventures on the road and how her car comes apart with nothing left but the wheels and the steering! There are some nice sound effects every time she bumpps and screeches and klunks and krrrruuunncches….. we added some more sound effects to it and Pattu found it hilarious!

Mallipoo, Where are you? Pattu Rating: 4 Stars
Paytu Pig goes for a stroll with her friends Amma elephant and Hutoxy the horse leaving Anna and Akka elephants to babysit her piglets. Anna and Akka get busy playing thinking that the piglets are fast asleep but to their horror, they find the piglets gone. They find all of them somehow but Mallipoosundari, the tiniest piglet is still missing….

Caught You…


Some delightful ‘Caught you’ moments with Pattu…

Making faces at the mirror
Trying to see her behind in the mirror… and trying very hard
Having deep conversations with the moon
Ballet dancing on tip toe (she stops the moment she notices someone’s presence)
Admonishing her puppet for insisting to be carried
Making my white kurta more colourful using sketch pens
Sitting by herself and laughing .. (thinking of one of the T&J moments, I gathered later)
Soaking my washed and ironed clothes (some 15 pieces) in water
Wearing my dupattah and admiring herself in the mirror
Painting her legs in vivid rainbow colours (After reading ‘The Boy Who Loved Colour’)
Practicing to say ‘Swish Swash’ and making hilarious combos and faces…

Have some Caught you moments?? Please do share…

Shame Shame Aunty


I heard pattu singing a tune few days back. It didn’t sound like any of the regular tunes that we are familiar with, so I asked her.
Pattu: That song that aunty on TV sings amma
Amma: Which one? Which aunty sings?
Pattu: That shame shame aunty who wears only a blouse and sings
Amma: *@#**!!@%

Inside Amma’s head:
Is it ok for girls her age to say this? Notice this?
Ban completely? Or just play casually matter of fact and don’t make too much hoo haa about it….and quietly make sure she doesn’t get a chance to watch too much shame shame
What did she actually understand and mean by shame shame?