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Basket full of….


We went to this unique and wonderful story telling session by Anita Ratnam at Oxford bookstore last weekend. She came there with a basket full of sounds. Yes she had a basket full of instruments that make such unique sounds and she beautifully combined rhythm and different types of sounds so seamlessly into her stories. I have never come across so many musical instruments and some were so unique – a pipe that whistles gently when swung in the air, drum with pebbles inside that gives a wonderful effect, Bamboo rain sticks and something else that croaked like a frog, chirped like a birdie and a lot more. The kids had a great time trying out all of these.

There’s another storytelling session at The British Council Library on 24th of this month between 3 to5 pm by Dominic Kelly. This is for ages 12 and above..yes, even adults are welcome apparently…so catch it if you can.

This one is for my Bangalore friends – Acoustic Traditional is organizing some very interesting festival called Confluence, which is a festival of indigenous story tellers. They are organizing it at the Fireflies Ashram between 30th September to 3rd October. They are apparently flying down a few tribal storytellers. I hope they come to Chennai as well.


Thirsty Crow – 2010 (Pattu’s Version?)


I got to know this from her school. Her version of the story goes like this….

The crow is thirsty and goes looking for water and finds some water in the pot but at the bottom…’oh oh, now what’ thinks the crow…
Old story till now… and then…
The crow flies around looking for a straw and finds one and has a hearty drink and flies away happy happy….
I asked Pattu if she said that and she agreed. Who taught her to say that? – No answer.
Why did she bring the straw into the story? What about the stones?
Pattu: You should not put stones in water amma, water will become dirty…

Smooth & Pink, like a pig!


We were reading this book, “Who is my Mummy’ where the kitten gets lost and goes around the farm asking every animal, ‘Are you my mommy?’… so, when it comes to the pig, it says, ‘No, I’m not your mommy, my skin is smooth & pink’ – its a firang pig obviously. So, while acting it out, I said, ‘smooth & pink, just like pattu’s cheeks..’
…for a long time after that she went around saying, ‘My cheeks are smooth and pink like that pig’ leaving the paatis and others disgusted and wondering…

..and I love the way she does the kitten act and hugs me at the ‘happy ending’ of the story… 🙂