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Our Harvest for this Harvest Festival…


…. is this… it always tastes sweeter and special when it is from your own backyard… and it ripened just in time for Pongal! Needless to say,  MIL who toils in the garden everyday had a very very happy  Pongal!


Food glorious food!


We got our first package of organic groceries from Organic Plus – we tried some dals and rice, sugar (brown), palm sugar, Gingley oil and we liked it.

I also found the organic veggie place in sholinganallur on OMR (near Infy) that Art had mentioned – planning to try them out.
We picked up more organic fruit preserves – Plum and guava, from Fab India and we highly recommend them. I’ve also picked up a dark brown coloured whole wheat pasta hoping to feel less guilty when indulging. The lady at the store tells me that it needs some pressure cooking and it more than doubles in quantity when fully boiled.

Jus Yummy:
We tried the olive and walnut french loaf from La Boulangerie – the Olive loaf is out of the world (just a bit too salty though). I believe they are setting up shop in Velachery soon – am definitely looking forward to it.
Krishna Sweets made Velachery buzz – am not at all a big fan of Krishna Sweets, so am not too thrilled.
We went to the new Sanjeevanam at Adyar to celebrate Mother’s day, with both mom and MIL – slightly bigger than the earlier place. It was in an apartment complex – was a bit of a disappointment for me… I think a nice traditional looking house would have been so much more charming! The Rajakeeyam tasted just as good though 🙂

Keep them Buzy…


Has anyone checked out the workshop on Chrysalis Busy Bee Fun Factory at Landmark, Apex Plaza? It is on till 25th May. Looks like it is only for kids 5 yrs and above.
Dakshinachitra seems to have lots in offer for children – residential camps, activity camps, Glove Puppetry and Leather Puppet making on 5th and 28th May respectively. There are some workshops for adults as well – more details here
I would like attend the Art Exhibition between 1st and 10th May by Rohini Thotta Tharani.
Let’s do something has a Mocktail workshop tomorrow – just what we want to beat the Chennai heat! The Robotics Workshop is back on popular demand and there’s the summer camp for kids 5+ yrs.

Also noticed that Velachery now has Born Babies on Bye Pass road. With Half Ticket, Niel & Nikki and Cotton City (inside Srishti on Bye Pass Road), Velachery definitely seems to be improving!

Tried the Citrus body wash and Papaya Ginger jam from Fab India and loved them! Highly recommend Papaya Ginger …

Have just got some organic groceries delivered from a new vendor – will check them out and give more details later….

Fresh and Green


We live in a neighborhood where all residents have a small green patch around the house. Most of us happen to be interested in a kitchen garden as well. We sometimes share our produce with neighbors and friends like olden days. We’ve already got some raw bananas, banana flower, white raddish, a bagful of tomatoes from couple of our neighbors – both the ripe and the green variety. I particularly love the green tomatoes which are rare to come by in the market. We’ve got some papayas as well – again the raw and ripe variety. Raw papaya is also not found commonly in the market and we love making subzi out of it. Our own chillies and tomatoes have just started bearing fruit and the papayas are becoming fatter. We harvested Methi leaves, pudina, the red keerai, manathakkali, some avarakkai (flat bean variety) and brinjal.

While on this, if you are interested in organic fruits and vegetables, do visit this site. We’ve been ordering one box a month from here which typically lasts us a week or so.

I owe our garden to my MIL and her green thumb (touch wood!) who single handedly plants, waters, tends, cares and toils, out there, come sun or rain. She’s going to be away for a month – the plants will miss her immensely I’m sure! But I’m going to make a sincere attempt to care for them… atleast enough to maintain it the way it is right now – I hope that’s not too ambitious…