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tried my hand at candle making… here are a few… floating candles and some coloured ones…

The Art and Craft Trail – Part I

If you’ve seen M.A.D on Pogo or Mr Maker on Ceebeebies, you would, without doubt, be itching to try out some of those little art and craft ideas by yourself. It is when you set out to execute that plan, that you realise that you don’t have some things that’ll make it as pretty as the ones you’ve seen them make. I just love Mr Maker’s Doodle Drawers and wish I had one like that. Whenever I visit the regular neighborhood shops for art and craft supplies, I find them lacking in most of the interesting things – like the wiggly eyes, beads and foam sheets for instance. Ask them where to find these and they would promptly tell you to go to Parry’s Corner.
Having heard enough, I finally trotted off along with a friend who was as excited about it besides being more familiar with the area. I’ve only scraped the tip of the iceberg and I still have lots to report!
We first went to Rahman Decorations. A huge market with both gaudy and pretty decoration materials. Danglers, streamers, grass carpets, gift bags – you just name it! Found some pretty cane baskets, candles, vase, flowers, birthday confetti, wall stickers etc.The cane baskets were tempting, but I exercised restraint and moved on. We were looking for handmade paper and we were given some names and directions. Most of them were wholesale dealers and were reluctant to give us a few sheets. We finally found one dealer (whose shop was more like a hole in the wall) who didn’t shoo us away. He had a wonderful collection. Papers of varying thickness, coarseness, colours, design – self, glitter and dry leaf types. Irresistible! If you love handmade paper, you’ll love this collection!
Here’s the name and address:
Kibla Paper and Stationery Stores, 27, Anderson Street, Parrys, Chennai 600001. Mail –; Phone: 044-25380985/ 044-25380986
I still hadn’t found my wiggly eyes, chenille sticks and pompoms. After some asking around, RR Fancy seemed to be the place to go.We hopped over puddles and navigated some difficult lanes to find RR Fancy Stores snugly sitting next to the famous Saravan Bhavan. Knowing the Sowcarpet area, we didn’t expect it to be a big, fancy place but we didn’t expect a shop of this size to have pretty much every art and craft material one can name.
Here’s the address and the phone number : No 8, Umpherson Street, Chennai 108. Broadway, Near Saravana Bhavan Hotel. Ph: 8124757562/ 044-42064586.
So, finally what did I buy? Here’s the list of things that I carried back home:
– Wiggly eyes – so many sizes, shapes and colours…and nose
– Quilling kits complete with the tool box
– Wax for candle making
– Gel wax
– Candle molds
– Wicks, Wick holders, Aromas and colours for candle making
– Glass cut to size for painting
– Emboss painting kits
– Paints – Ceramic paints, glass paints, fabric outliners, various 3D and glitter shades
– Foam sheets
– Felt material in different colours
– Handmade paper  various colours and designs
– Books on the basics and some designs
– Beads, buttons, threads
– Pre stitched zardosi patters and stones – you just have to stick it with glue
– Pompoms
– Set of brushes
What they also had:
– Canvas stretched on boards and canvas rolls
– Complete materials required for oil painting
– Ceramic powder and molds for ceramic art
– Plaster of paris with molds
– Different types, designs of molds
– Paper – all kinds including quilling supplies
– All things required for Zardosi work, borders, designs etc
– Lace
– Wool, knitting materials, Knitting kits
– Embroidery materials
– Craft punches
– Complete charcoal set

What I still haven’t found
– Chenille sticks/ Pipe cleaners
– Furry pompoms

– Bendable wires 

The Glass paintings would have dried by now…will post a pic soon…

While I was away


...lots of Happy Birthdays happened…

  • This blog turned one – since my first post i.e. Happy Birthday Blog!
  • Puttu turned 4 – a few friends out here saw the ticker and wished too – That was really nice guys…thank you sooo much! We had a simple and small get together at home.
  • Krishna and Ganesha were born

…I went gallivanting…

  • I set out on an Art and Craft trail and discovered some wonderful shops selling artsy craftsy stuff, tucked away in some nondescript corners – I promise to cover these in a few parts.

…some experiments

  • I tried my hand at some art and craft stuff – made some candles and tried glass painting besides the pottery workshop

AND…I won ..

Well, we tried….


Here’s Pattu’s entry for the March challenge. With Pattu, it is very difficult to hold her attention for long. So I had to think of ideas that can get done in less than 10 mins – that was my challenge (besides the fact that I am not particularly creative i.e,).
So, we started by making the paper plate clowns where she had to only stick things on to a plate and boy did she enjoy it! She wanted to convert all the plates in the house into clowns. 

What we used for the paper plate clowns: two rings from a toy for the eyes, a red hair band cut and stuck for the mouth and a black hair band cut and shredded for the hair. I did the cutting part while Pattu did the rest as instructed.
Then we found a bath scrub and wrapped it over a ball. We fastened it behind with some hair clips (one of the pics will reveal this :D) and cut out some packing material for the eyes and the mouth. To be honest, we wanted to make a cute looking puppy but this one ended up looking like a forlorn alien LOL! Here too, I helped with the cutting and Pattu did the rest…with a bit of struggle.

The gloves gave us an idea – the dwarfs. Black wool for the hair, black dots for eyes and red painted smile.
Then we rummaged further to find the loofahs – The maiden’s dress is a fluffy loofah. We found a hair clip that had the girl. Inspired by that, Pattu’s care taker thought of another maiden with a paper fan dress so that the loofah maiden had company. Pattu liked the fan folding…
Then the duckling – that’s another loofah with a handle. We found some pegs to go as the eyes and the beak is a pistachio shell coloured red using crayon. Pattu did all of this.
Then we had to make a story around it…. so, there it goes… phew!

 The story is in verse (because I am very lazy) and this is how it goes:

Slide 2

The little alien was lost and sad
He couldn’t find his mom and dad
Where are you,
oh where have you gone?
Will you be back by 
the break of dawn? 
Slide 2

The five happy dwarfs came along
And played a happy peppy song
Nothing seemed to
cheer him though
Home was just where
he wanted to go

Slide 2

The plate clowns vowed to make him smile
And they tried and tried for a long while
The little one just turned away
The clowns didn’t know what to say

Rest of the story…

Slide 2

Then came the maidens, with dimples and curls
They danced around and did some twirls
‘Oh no’, said the dwarfs and the clown
How do we get him to throw that frown 
Slide 3

Then came a ducking lost and scared
She is lost and no one cared
The alien cuddled her, ‘come let’s play’
He sang, he danced, he made her gay
The dwarfs, the clowns, the maidens broke into a song
Happy and merry, they danced along

So, that’s that….