For all those moments when Reality woke up to meet Fantasy


So, here we are after 2+ years on blogger. My little baby who goes by the name Pattu on this blog has become a big girl. I’m beginning to wonder how much I can discuss her here without being intrusive, without invading her privacy.

While Pattu is still the muse, we will probably diversify a bit beyond Pattu updates. So, let’s see how this journey goes.



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  1. Uma,

    I like your blog and I follow ur Drop of sun at blog spot and found that u have moved it to word press recently.

    The new design is cool and If u dont mind, I have a small suggestion. the header font colour is lost in the busy background. So if you change the colour , the font will be more visible as it is the important part of the blog. Try changing it to one of the blues / greens that is in the BG picture.

    Hope Pattu is doing good!

    • Hi Aneeta…thanks for stopping by. On the font colour – yes, I agree. I tried few other options but they didn’t work either… I’ll get sround to chaging that. Thanks for the feedback πŸ™‚
      Yes, Pattu is doing good…thanks πŸ™‚

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