A quick vacation


We made a quick trip to Munnar and Aleppey, a much needed break for all of us. Pattu’s first:

– Ride on an Elephant – she was so excited and not at all scared. We fed the Elephants some pineapples and corn.

– live show of Thiruvadira Kali, Oottam thullal and Theeyattu – really up close. I was worried about Theeyattu, but she was as cool as a cucumber…not at all scared.

She is able to understand Malayalam and am so happy that she is making an attempt to talk as well.

Mum’s house in Kerala is getting ready in Jan – looking forward to the lovely vacations there. Feeling very nostalgic remembering all those carefree days we spent there as kids, climbing trees, splashing about in the pond…

And people – check out this contest at Blogger Kootam. Spread the word. Participate.


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  1. that is one brave girl – my daughter loves all animals from a distance – the minute we get close she gets scared – goats included

    Blogger Kootam sounds interesting but I do not live in Chennai 😦
    I need to send my mom a link to Let’s do something – it is really close to her home and I am sure she would want to stop by sometime

  2. The weather at this time of the year must have been great right?

    Pattu was not scared of theeyattu? Vyas’s reaction at Thekkady was something!! He almost screamed aloud that the people were doing something dangerous and it was really silly of them to do it!!

  3. Hi..just found your old blog and it led me here 🙂 I love it … I live in Chennai, am a Keralite and have a five year old daughter 🙂 . I am into art, craft and cooking.

  4. Hello! I found your blog linked from an article on kid friendly things to do in Chennai. I am an American visiting for three weeks in Chennai while my husband works and have found it difficult to get out and about in the city with two little ones 2 1/2 and 4 years. Do you have any suggestions on how I could meet some other local moms?

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