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Happy 2011!


Wishing you all a wonderful year ahead!

I usually don’t make resolutions – I have none for this year either. I’m just hoping to become a better person… and probably blog more regularly ūüôā



Comeback Post – Part IV: Trick-a-Treat


Pattu has tasks to complete and she’s been whining and making excuses. So, when she wanted noodles for dinner, I firmly told her that noodles will be her treat for completing her tasks.
Somehow she pushed herself (and a lot of others) to complete them.

Noodles for dinner. Happy Pattu.

Pattu¬†finishes quickly¬†without any goading from amma/appa and without spilling (they are precious you see…she takes care not to drop).
The moment we said, “Good Pattu!” she just grabs the opportunity and says, “Amma, since I finished my food can I have Gems?”

Now that’s called a ‘Treat for a Treat’ …. Smaarrrt girrrrlll Pattoo… (Amma thinks in ‘Raaberrt’ style)

Come Back Post – Chapter I – Hey!


Hey folks, been away for a while, no particular reason – just been occupied with some important and some inane things. Pattu hasn’t really been in the pink of her health last month. I’m hoping the current bout of cold will be the last for this season and we can cheerfully look forward to Santa’s gifts… She wants a pair of Yellow Ladder Slide Shoes and a box of Extra Dark pencils.

She has quite an impressive collection of pencils to fill a museum – that sends me on a trip down memory lane….. where pencils used to be rationed and the life of each pencil¬†was carefully tracked. We used the pencils till the last bit of lead while Pattu abandons pencils when they are just 2 inches short. That just shows that it is time to take stock… maybe she’ll get a letter from Santa saying she has too many while lot of other kids have none… not sure if it is too early for that kind of letter… still, I think I should try that…

Btw, anyone who’s already visited the Dastakari Haat at Kalakshetra? Planning to catch it this weekend if it doesn’t rain

Last but not the least, The Little Theatre is back with their pantomime, RipVan Wrinkle at Museum Theatre between 17th to 21st December. They say it is suitable for ages 2+ to 80, last year’s experience tells me it would be better to validate that – just a word of caution.
Now, off I go to catch up on all the blogs I missed…