Picture this


My first 3 glass paintings…. 


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  1. It's beautiful! You should frame it and start work on the next masterpiece. You'll become better and better and eventually the best when you enjoy the experience of what you are doing. Savoring is perhaps the most essential ingredient in this artistic journey. All the best.

  2. Lovely work..I had also tried my hand at glass painting. My first ever—

    ever since you gave the details of the arts and crafts store, I have been thinking about writing to you but forgot as usual…there is a store in ranganathan street hidden well from prying eyes which stocks so many crafts stuff…i had the address written down some where but as usual forgot where i had kept it.Will write abt it as soon as i find it.
    check this out too


  3. Swapna – Thanks 🙂 .. quite right about enjoying the experience ' bit…

    Hema – these are really simple ones… save the J for what is to come ;D He he…

    Shankari – Thankyou ma'am 🙂

    Vidya – Good Idea… but let me make better stuff than these… up close you'll see bumps and smudges on the glass painting

    Lavs – Those were neat! Loved the peacock… and hey, I bought the exact emboss set too 🙂
    And, I think you are referring to Raja Threads…I've heard about it too… that is in fact the next one in my scattered agenda…

    Pooh, Ani – Please do attempt… am sure you'll absolutely love it!

    Lavanya – I do these when I have help with the 4 yr old. For the second session of pottery though, she tagged along with her own set of papers and colours but eventually ran around the place more and coloured little..

    Asha – Clay is fun…really! 'separate blog for art work' – for my level of art, konjam too much.. no? ;D

    mnamma – that's my fav piece too!!

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