Pottery Workshop


…at Lets Do Something was even better than what they had organised last time. Last time, the entire workshop was spent on the wheel while this time we had a mix of the wheel and some clay molding. I looked at what the 8 yr olds had done in the morning session and got cold feet but it was too late to back out. I had paid up by then. The teacher must have sensed my apprehension, she was quick to dismiss my fears and I turned out alright.

So, what did we make? Roses, Calla Lily and other assorted flowers, candle holder, a face mask, few pots, an incense holder and couple of murals with all the flowers and leaves that we had made. They are drying now and am waiting to paint it next weekend.

I don’t have the other pictures handy with me…but will surely update….

We had a very good teacher and she apparently runs a center dedicated to clay art, besides having a full time job!! Some people have all the energy (and talent too) *SIGH*. I’m also signing up for terracotta jewelry making workshop next month – there were some on display – Awesome is the word!


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  1. ohhhh. I wish I wish.. Learning Pottery has been one of my all time wishes. There is a pottery course very near to where I stay and I haven't been able to make time to even go n see it. Would love to attend a jewellery making class too. Awww .. I'm so so Jealous.

  2. PV – Yes, you said it…whenever Shruti has her Pottery Challenge 🙂
    You know, some of these are quite simple. The wheel takes time and we did the pots with lots of help but the flowers etc are quite simple actually…

    Shruti – go for it…it is fun! I'll post more pics next week after painting etc…

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