Annual Day


…was last weekend at Pattu’s school. Her second time on stage. The first time was a few seconds of, ‘why have you put me here’ followed by few more seconds of howling after all the decking up and waiting.

This time, luckily there was no major decking up (they made sure that the kids don’t wear anything remotely uncomfortable) and they didn’t make the KGs wait too long. The chief guests were sensible enough to make short speeches and the sound system for a change was well managed. Usually the sound managers make sure that it is loud enough for the Martians to hear. So Pattu was in a good mood and smiled through the song and even shook her arms and hips to the tune! Quite a leap from last time. She got a certificate, a trophy and some gifts and you can imagine the excitement…

We’ve got a whole new set of stories last week:

The Little Engine That Could – The Big Chase: Pattu Rating: 4 Stars
The blue engine that has a never say die attitude goes all out to rescue its best friend the toy clown who accidentally goes on the wrong train… a nice story of trust and friendship.

The Smartest Giant in Town – Pattu Rating: 4.7 Stars
George is a very cute and adorable giant. But he is scruffy. He decides to shake off this image and get smart only to donate all his smart outfits one by one to the animals that need help. There are some rhymes interspersed in the story and I made up a tune. Pattu has been humming that the last few days and I haven’t stopped grinning 😀

Angelina and the ButterflyPattu Rating: 4 Stars
Being trapped is an awful feeling – that’s what Angelina figures out when she falls into a pit. And that makes her set her favourite pet, Arthur the butterfly, free despite feeling miserable about not having him around…
Mrs Armitage: Queen of the Road Pattu Rating: 4.3 Stars
The madcap Mrs Armitage’s adventures on the road and how her car comes apart with nothing left but the wheels and the steering! There are some nice sound effects every time she bumpps and screeches and klunks and krrrruuunncches….. we added some more sound effects to it and Pattu found it hilarious!

Mallipoo, Where are you? Pattu Rating: 4 Stars
Paytu Pig goes for a stroll with her friends Amma elephant and Hutoxy the horse leaving Anna and Akka elephants to babysit her piglets. Anna and Akka get busy playing thinking that the piglets are fast asleep but to their horror, they find the piglets gone. They find all of them somehow but Mallipoosundari, the tiniest piglet is still missing….


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  1. Way to go Pattu! 'Mallipoo…' is V's current favorite. He once got very confused when I once tried describing flowers:) It would be helpful if you add the authors' names too!

  2. Hema – Oh yes, I'll include the authors as well..thanks 🙂
    The Smartest Giant is by Julia Donaldson and Mrs Armitage is by Quentin Blake… the rest, I'll check and update.

    Art- Pattu rating is pattu's reaction to the story – how many encores, no of days of addiction etc 🙂

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