Monthly Archives: January 2010

The year so far…


A bit late in the day – but this is my first post of 2010 – so here’s wishing you all a wonderful year ahead!
We spent the first day of the year at Dakshinachitra. There was a Manipuri performance that day that Pattu enjoyed. She got to paint on clay models. The lady who attempted to guide her got a stern, ‘I don’t take instructions from strangers’ look from Pattu who continued to follow her own instincts and came up with some never before colour formulations – Asian Paints – take note!

And then we got back to school, office routine. We missed the book fair 😦 – Both Pattu and appa fell ill and we had to ditch the plan. So, we are even through with the first bout of fever and indigestion for the year.

We had Chennai Sangamam at our office car park yesterday. It was a pleasant surprise – what a wonderful initiative! I saw some of the folk/ street dances for the first time yesterday. Wish Pattu was around. I understand that there is a performance in T Nagar tomorrow but I guess it would be too crowded! The highlight of the event was this little boy (7 yrs old probably) who displayed mastery of silambattam and some other tricks with hoola hoop and fire. I particularly liked the drum dance – so peppy and foot tapping…
There were other familiar pieces like Kolattam, karagattam, therukoothu, etc. Missed Poikkal kudirai. Do try and catch it when it comes to your neighborhood.

Btw, Pattu has been heavily into Hindi these days – details in the next post…