From the Annals of a Working Mom’s Diary


Yesterday, I didn’t go to office – just like that..didn’t feel like going to work. It was a cloudy, rainy day and just wanted to laze around. Most of all, I just felt the urge to be with Pattu.

I saw her walking to school with her raincoat on ( the latest fascination – thatha’s contribution. She wears it even when there’s no rain) and busy chatting with Paati… I looked on from my kitchen window – she looked like a tiny bubbly bundle bouncing all the way to school. Suddenly, I missed holding her little fingers, the animated discussions on the way to school, her little friends, some new discoveries on the way (we discover things like, the cows don’t use potty and that the beak is the bird’s mouth and not its nose)…etc. That must have been the real trigger, though I quote the rains and the clouds.

So, I worked from home and went to pick her up after school – she didn’t expect me, so she was beaming with surprise when she saw me at the gate. Both of us must have looked really silly grinning like that…

So, after some, ‘you came to pick me up today’ ‘you didn’t go to office’ ‘is it a holiday for you’ , we discussed what she did at school, her friends, her teacher, new kids who cried and so on. I was surprised because, she rarely talks about school when I ask her – I got to know much more about school and friends in the 10 mins we spent walking back than the whole term put together. Guess there’s a time and mood for everything. My heart sank when I thought about how much I am missing by not being there with her at the right moment! Ah, the choices we have to make in life!

We passed by the park and Pattu wanted to play. I indulged her, not because I felt guilty, but because we were both so happy. A break in routine is so refreshing – I enjoyed it as a child (I do enjoy it even now). So, some more unexpected fun and we were back home for lunch. How I wish I could do this at least once a week – if only organizations didn’t mind a ‘Work from home Fridays’ policy for women employees!


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  1. Ahhh!!! it would have been such a nice and lovvely change :).Am happy for you both. Can totally relate to what you said, being a working mother myself. We miss so many things and my humble opinion is that if at all possible, we should try to take a break for a couple of years just to let go, be with them and enjoy ourselves and make them happy as well. I know its not possible for all and we all have our own constraints but, just in case, if it is possible, then i think its worth it definitely. Sorry for the long comment, but this is my passionate topic and i could go on and on :(.

  2. Jayashree: Yes, it was a surprise for her. She does like her new school *touchwood* 🙂

    Lavanya: You are welcome to pour it all out here 🙂

  3. I may not be able to relate to this as I am not working now. But when I first put V in school, he so badly wanted to get out of the house that he would n't even turn back to say bye and would howl when I went to pick him up. Needless to say I used to feel guilty that I am not keeping him happy at home. Now, though he still does n't turn to say 'Ta Ta', when I go to pick him up I can see him waiting for me. He just runs towards me irrespective of whether his bag and shoes are on him! I am happy that you were able to throw a surprise for your little one. It is amazing how much kids undersatnd.

  4. Hema: You said it – it is amazing how much they understand!

    Art: Adya also reacts that way when I drop her at school. Even her teachers know that by now – the day I drop her, they have this, 'Oh No!' look on their face 🙂

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